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6 ways to "green wrap" this holiday season!

6 ways to "green wrap" this holiday season!
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We know you're super busy during the holidays, but this is one list you don't wanna miss, especially if you're being thrifty with your dollar this holiday season.
(You can thank us later)
Think back to the christmas' you've had over the years with friends and family. Everyone's having a wonderful time, enjoying some spiked cider, singing a few carols, snacking on some hors d'oeuvre, and exchanging gifts. All is merry and bright, right?

I don't know about you, but I get the major guilties after unwrapping a gift and having to throw out the paper. Did you know most wrapping paper isn't recyclable?! (For real). So to put a halt to the icky feelings and help mother earth out a little bit, we've made a list of 6 ways you can "Green wrap" this holiday season!
(Number four is our favourite)

Brow paper bags
This ones on the top of my list alllll year round. It's so versatile because you can reuse the bag for almost every occasion. Dress it up with a holiday ribbon you have lying around from your favourite box of Laura Secords, et voila! You're Kris Kringle Ready. During the warmer months dress up the bag with a sprig of greenery or a fresh floral and really dazzle it up.
eco friendly wrapping. brown paper bag by Labeille co. beeswax wraps
Art work wrapping paper
Use your childs art to wrap up gifts big and small! 
As a mum, I have ridiculous amount of "one of a kind" art my three year old has created and hung with pride on our fridge, but there's only room for so many pre-picassos to be displayed. If you've already de-strashed your little ones art, make this a fun and interactive activity and create a custom piece to wrap up grammas gift in. We know she'll love it! 
Upcycled Newspaper
Reuse last weeks paper to give a rustic and farmhouse look to your gift!
Bonus: Have a few laughs and enjoy reading the funnies on the last page
beeswax wraps
Beeswax wraps
This ones definitely our favourite way to wrap up any and every sweet treat we make for our friends this holiday season. How cute would a homemade pie look wraps up in a Labeille Co. Beeswax wrap? Our a plate full of cookies? or coconut protein bites with peppermint sprinkles? *tummy grumbles*
+ they'll think of you all year every time they reuse they're food wrap. It's the gift that keeps on giving!
Beeswax wrap by Labeille - handmade in tottenham - between barrie and toronto Ontario, Canada
Fabric scraps
Squares of fabric or silk make for lovely reusable wrapping paper. Place the package in the center of the square, tie opposite ends together in a knot, and then tuck the tails of the knots underneath to complete the decorative display. 
Printer paper and Washi Tape
We all have a random stack of printer paper from a project that didn't print out right, or it has a little ink splotch that didn't quite make the cut. Now's the perfect time to whip those out and dress 'em up with Washi Tape! This makes for a super cute pintersty type of gift wrapping for your chic friend. Impress the gucci socks off of her with this DIY (and green) gift wrapping. 
What's your favourite way to Green wrap? Let us know in the comments :D 


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