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Neutral geometric

Neutral geometric
$24.00 CAD


Beeswax food wraps are a sustainable, waste-free, biodegradable and ethical solution to your food storage needs. With these wraps, you've just brought your food storage game up to the next level. Way to go, eco-warrior!  

Our Queen Bee bread wraps are the perfect way to store your fresh, handmade artisan bread! How stunning would this look presented alongside other tasty dishes on your familys harvest table? Or as a gift to your helpful neighbour who loves fresh bread? Ah, the possibilities! 

If fresh bread's not your thing, try this large beeswax wrap with broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbage, casserole dishes etc! The possibilites are endless with this versatile beeswax wrap

Size: Large 13" x 18"

SEAL IN FRESHNESS Your beeswax wrap is perfect for storing all of nature's wonderful bounties, such as; fruits, vegetables, herbs, cheese, nuts, etc. You can even use it to cover a bowl, mason jar, or other kitchenware. To seal in the freshness, place your food item in the middle of your wrap. Fold and squeeze any which way you’d like, and watch how the pressure and warmth of your hands gently make the perfect eco-friendly seal.  




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