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 KITCHEN BOSS:  Large | Medium | Small 

STARTER KIT: Medium | 2 Small



Your beeswax wrap is perfect for storing all of nature's wonderful bounties, such as; fruits, vegetables, herbs, cheese, nuts, etc. You can even use it to cover a bowl, mason jar, or other kitchenware.

To seal in the freshness, place your food item in the middle of your wrap. Fold and squeeze any which way you’d like, and watch how the pressure and warmth of your hands gently make the perfect eco-friendly seal.



Gently wipe clean with a cool, damp cloth, and place on your dish rack to dry.


SMALL 8"x8"  : We love using our small wraps to cover bowls/plates. They're also excellent to for keeping avocados, lemons, and other small produce fresh!

MEDIUM 11"x11" : A cheese lovers BFF. Perfect for storing hard and soft cheeses of all kind! Think of it as a secondary cheese rind. We also love the mediums for honeydew melons, green peppers, snack pouches etc.

LARGE 13"x18" : The Queen of all wraps. This wrap does it all & then some! These large wraps work amazing to preserve artisan bread, seal over a caserole dish, wrap up celery, leafy greens like kale, and large produce like cabbage and brocoli. Feeling creative? Fold your large wrap into a handy dandy sandwich pouch and have the best looking lunch at the table.

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