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Welcome to Labeille Co. – A site curated to beeswax food wraps + sustainable products. This is your gateway into the world of waste free living...& boy oh boy are we glad to have you here in harmony making waves of change.


Rooted with a billingual childhood, our name represents so much more than just a brand. Our first  rendition of our name started out as L'Abeille - after my favourite book as a child, gifted from my mum, called "Bzzz fait L' Abeille". After a few months we decided to truly make the word our own. So, we dropped the apostrophe and our final product was LABEILLE CO.

Labeille, derived from L'Abeille (meaning bee in french) extends past the bee in itself, but bees as a whole and what they represent. Bee's are a tight knit group - As a hive they work together to build a strong community.

Did you know that a bee colony is known as a super-organism as no single bee can survive & thrive on its own?

We full heartedly believe that be to true for every single person in our community, too. Together we can accomplish so many wonderful things. There is power in your community & there is power in you!



Our vision as a small business to help spread the seeds of hope and prosperity within our communities.  Just like the bee in flight, we hope to sprinkle seeds of magic everywhere we roam. And as we continue to collectively plant the seeds of tomorrow,  its in our highest hopes that everyone will prosper from the fruits of our flight. To see our community affiliations, check out our "fundraiser" page under the "about us" tab


FUN FACT: The "A" in our current logo represents the North arrow on a compass - it's a nod to our Northern Canadian roots.



Our goal is to assist families in becoming waste free & eco-conscious all while keeping their fridge, tables, and lunch boxes looking vogue. Waste free doesn’t have to be boring. We can love our earth in style, amiright?



A question we get asked often is “How did you come up with this?!” The answer? We’ll, I didn’t – per say, and here’s a little background about the origin of beeswax food wraps! (Let me take you back 2 centuries ago)

The idea came about while I was directing a group discussion at a local nursing home (For those just tuning in – my background is in gerontology…specifically, Alzheimer’s/dementia care.) Our discussion topic for the afternoon group: How people preserved food before ice boxes (the original refrigerator) became a household staple. As our discussion continued, one lady chimed in and mentioned that her grandmother would use old cotton table cloths, cut them into squares and coat them with beeswax as a way to make their produce and cheese last longer. After all, food was scarce and they lived in a waste-free society so they really needed their food to stay fresh and last long. I pondered the idea for quite some time, worked on product design and functionality for 10 months, and launched our little company in may of 2017!





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