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Here's your challenge Earth-Warrior:

While on a walk or hike with your guardian, collect 1 small bag of garbage and recyclables to dispose of appropriately. Once you've completed your mission you will receive your very own Earth-warrior certificate for your work in helping mother nature!

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Note for parents:

Stemming from our School initiative of the Earth Warrior program and wondering how we can continue to connect with our community and practice social distancing during Covid-19, we created the Earth Warrior community Challenge!

As a parent, we are definitely utilizing these hours to recharge in nature and frequent local hiking spots like the Beattie Pinery and Gibson Trail. The Earth Warrior challenge gives parents the perfect opportunity to connect with their children, get back to nature, and teach a lesson about our eco-systems and how every person has an impact on them.

If there's something I'm fond of as a parent, its crossing off 3 things on my daily list with one task. We've conveniently organized this challenge and provided you with a printable certificate, conversation starters, and prize pack to get your children excited about helping mother earth! All you have to do is lace up those running shoes and get ready for your little ones to burn off some energy!

Do you accept the challege?

tag us in our socials and be entered to win an eco-warrior prize pack for every child!)


Conversation starters:
  1. Look for unique habitats along your walks! Like rabbit holes, birds nest, and spider webs
  2. Talk about the items found and how they can be sorted + recycled, and  how plastic can be grounded down, melted, then put into pellets to make new plastic items
  3. The impacts of garbage and nature (talks about sealife, animals, etc) and talk about their favourite animals and what their day would look like
  4. How they can be proactive about keeping nature clean when out and about with friends
  5. Think about creative ways to upcycle garbage found - ie, a plastic water bottle can be turned into a watering can if you poke holes in the lid!


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