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Growing up, my mother’s greatest lesson was to extend your good fortune to those who need it most, whether it was as small as rescuing a caterpillar from a web, saving my allowance to buy someone a hot meal, or donating a toy to a local shelter, To this day. you'll always find me with an extra pair of socks, and granola bars in my purse in case I’m greeted by someone who's run into their fair share of misfortune.

We are so blessed to live in a community where its residents are community minded. We have exceptional services that not only assist its members in times of crisis, but also to guide them in their long term goals and achievements.
This past month, we've had the opportunity to partner with CONTACT Community services and the Alliston Clothes Line to create a fundraiser that will greatly impact and benefit the vulnerable people in our community. Contact community services offers employment services, housing help, community information, and volunteer opportunities. Everyone deserves a home, employment, and a future - Contact is connection with crucial services throughout our community.

Help support their cause, and join us at the Alliston Potato Festival this August 10th-12th 2018. 92% of proceeds go right back to our community! You can find the specialty CONTACT beeswax wraps at: The Clothes Line Alliston, and details!

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